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a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)






An emerging innovative small business providing Consulting,  Professional and Technical Knowledge Management Services




Our most important values to our customers are our

enduring trust, integrity and agility



Mission - Vision - Values: Our Purpose

It starts with a vision to build a innovative company with the right people aligned to the right positions, requirements and clients

OUR MISSION  (Curent Purpose)

How a company intends to win in this business and give people a clear sense of the direction to profitability and the inspiration to feel they are part of something big and important - Jack Welch, "Winning"

n-Gen Solutions' Mission - become trusted partners with our customers with shared responsibilities to deliver agile & innovative solutions to complex challenges that make a measureable difference to mission critical and national security objectives. To recruit, develop and retain talented individuals leveraging experience and education to build a collaborative and diverse workforce of innovative practitioners dedicated to excellence.




OUR VISION (Future Purpose)

Creating a mental picture of what the purpose of a company will look like in the future; to define where we are going; and provide strategic guidance and motivational focus. Getting from 'here to there' - (Richard Horwath, "Deep Dive")

n-Gen Solutions' Vision - near-term is focused on building intellectual talent, financial resources, enduring busines relationships and customers; mid-term we'll initiate product development leveraging shared resources, e.g., SBIRs, STTR programs, to broaden our portfolio to "Products & Services." Within a decade we'll strive to become one of the top places of innovation to work and one of the most respected innovative small businesses in the United States.

OUR VALUES (Culture & Behavior)

  • People matter - to create an innovative, diverse collaborative company requires harvesting knowledge from a broad range of discplines - science & technology, social sciences, and the arts - "Outliers" exist in all groups


  • People are not just a resource, a diverse culture and work environment that supports respect and value is required at all levels on our company


  • We'll foster a culture and environment that reflects the highest level of responsibility and accountability while providing professional development to achieve personal success


  • We'll strive to provide clarity of roles and responsibilities, authorities and accountability and we'll provide clear line of sight (LOS) objectives so each individual understands how their efforts are woven into the delivery of high performance results


  • Continuous creative discovery and continuous improvement -  up, across and down our company


  • To deliver consistent high performance results requires our people to be highly motivated; our focus is on the value triangle which includes Customer Value, Company Value and Personal Value with supporting enablers - "Passion Coefficient" and "Personal Hierarchy Coefficient" 


  • Leaders demonstrate the strong trait that they stand behind their people when things are going well and in front of them with accountability when expectations are not met


  • Accountability for success will be driven to the lowest level and we'll strive to recognize and reward all contributors delivering high performance results